Annual Review Of State Laws 2021

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All India

2021 - 2021


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The Indian Constitution provides for a legislature in every state. All 28 states of India and the union territories (UTs) of Delhi and Puducherry have legislatures. State legislatures are responsible for framing laws for states. They also perform other functions such as approving government expenditure and holding the government accountable. Six state legislatures (Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Telangana, and Uttar Pradesh) have two Houses, the Legislative Assembly and the Legislative Council. In August 2019, the state of Jammu & Kashmir was reorganised into the UTs of Jammu & Kashmir (with a legislature) and Ladakh. The new legislature will be constituted after elections are held in the UT.


Research Report

This note focuses on the law-making activity of 30 state legislatures in 2021. Our analysis is based on the data available from sources such as state legislature websites, state gazettes, and responses to Right to Information requests.