Contract Enforcement Litigation - NIPFP

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All India

2009 - 2019


Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)

The data is collected from cases under 5 different acts - Transfer of Property Act, Specific Relief, Negotiable Instruments, Arbitration and Conciliation, Contracts Act. These all contribute to contract enforcement litigation. Court complexes from mostly 2 cities from all 29 states, where possibly there is a high court bench or either a capital(like North East).


Data Dictionary

Includes variable descriptions for all variables present in the case level dataset.


Case level data - eCourts

The e-Courts platform delineates cases based on the case type and the Act under which they were filed. Information on sections under specific Acts is also available. There are 90 variables for each case in the raw data. These variables consist of unique identifiers, geographic and hearing details, and timestamps for each case’s life-cycle. There are also certain variables such as those relating to transfer details of a case or linked matters which are only applicable for a fraction of the cases and are not used otherwise.


Research Report - Challenges with the e-Courts ...

The creation of the e-Courts platform for disseminating data from the subordinate judiciary was an important step in making Indian courts more transparent. This platform has also prompted an interest in data-driven research on courts. While the e-Courts platform is a major reform in itself, there are numerous obstacles in successfully using this data for research.