KHOJ - Dataset about the Indian High Court judges

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All India

October 1993 - May 2021


Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)

The dataset contains details about the current and former judges of the various High Courts. It was curated by volunteers during the Summer of Data initiative.


KHOJ - All India Datasheet

Data about the judges of various high courts in India. This file was created by merging the state-level files (for all high courts). Further, the file was deduplicated by removing judges that were present across multiple high courts because of transfers. Refer to the guidebook to know more about the methodology.


Data Codebook

This file contains the name, definition, and the type of variables collected for each judge during the data curation process.


State High Court Judges

This is a compressed (zipped) folder that contains the datasheets for all 25 High Courts.


Rajya Sabha - Unstarred Question - 110 ...

This response by the Minister of Law and Justice (Shri Kiran Rijju) contains details about: 1. Total number of Supreme Court and High Court (HC) judges appointed during the last five years, year-wise 2. The caste of Judges of the High Courts which is indicated by the recommendee at the time of their recommendation for appointment as High Court Judge by the High Court Collegium (HCC) 3. Working Strength of SC/ST/OBC and women judges in District and Subordinate Courts as on 30/01/2023