Union budget data for Supreme Court of India (2016-17 to 2022-23)

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All India

2016 - 2021


Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)

This provides for administrative and other expenditure of the Supreme Court of India. This includes the provision for salaries and travel expenses in respect of Honorable Chief Justice and other Judges, staff and officers of the Registry including the Departmental Canteen, charges for professional service towards personnel deployed for security and expenditure on establishment related needs including stationery, office equipment, security equipment, maintenance of CCTV and printing of Annual Report of the Supreme Court.



The dataset contains time series data of the union budgets for the scheme - Supreme Court of India. The dataset contains several indicators such as Budget Estimates, Revised Estimates, Actual Expenditure, Actual Expenditure as a percentage of Ministry, Fund Utilisation. The raw dataset have been sourced from OpenBudgetsIndia Platform.



All scheme related metadata which includes non-budget information such as scheme description, type of scheme, etc. The dataset has been sourced from the respective websites of the ministry and department.


Data Codebook

The codebook contains details such as definition, type, values, format, etc. about the variables present in the datasheet


Data Guidebook

The data guidebook describes the process of data curation and development of key indicators which are used to analyse the budget datasets. The file also contains links to all schemes/ministries/departments for which the data can be explored on the Budget for Justice portal.