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An open source platform for data related to the Indian legal and justice system. Crowdsourced from a community of law and data researchers, practitioners and enthusiasts.

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Summer of Data is a 5-week program focused on bringing more law students into the open justice data movement. In this first edition of the Summer of Data Program, law students collaborated to create a dataset that profiles the backgrounds of High Court Judges from across India.

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Budgets for Justice

The Budgets for Justice initiative is a curated platform that brings together open budget data from the Union Government of India over the last few years to reveal trends and patterns in budget allocation and expenditures for the law and justice sector.


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A dataset is a collection of files grouped together to give a complete understanding of a specific topic. They can contain different files, like reports, raw data in the form of csv or excel sheets, a data dictionary (which describes the contents in the files) & more.

You can find datasets as well as stand-alone files on the platform. For more info on what truly makes a dataset, click the links below.

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Know Your High Court Judges (KHOJ) dataset is now live on the Justice Hub. View Here