Metadata | Information we capture for each dataset on the Justice Hub

Variable Description
Title Title of the dataset
Description Short | Long description of the dataset
Data source details How was the data sourced ?
Dataset License What licences will this data adhere to ?
Total files Total number of files (including documentation, etc)
Date of data collection/publication When was the data collected/published ? This helps the user assess the recency of a dataset
Do you maintain a data dictionary Does this dataset comes with a Data dictionary at the time of submission to Justice Hub
Is the data available in machine readable formats We treat CSV, JSON, XLS (not formatted) as machine readable formats. Datasets, if available in these (common) formats, are more accessible to a general user
How was the data collected A note on the data collection exercise. This can also be mentioned as part of the methodology document shared with the dataset( (if any)
Geographical coverage What is the geographical scope of this dataset (PAN India, selected states/districts, etc)
Is raw data available Is the data available as raw (as downloaded originally from the source) files
Data timeline Timeline of the data. Start and End dates/years.
Is the data still updated Whether or not the data is still updated. This helps the user be more mindful when using datasets as part of their research.
What is the data update frequency How frequent is the dataset updated ?
Language of the dataset Languages, the data is stored/available in ?
Does the dataset have PII’s (Personally Identifiable Information) Information about the variables that can us used to identify a person or a community
Level of the dataset Is the dataset available at the level of a court, or case, or individual, or any geographical entity. This helps the user identify what each row in the dataset represents.
Research Links URL. Links to studies/articles/blogs where the dataset was used
Tags Tags to identify the dataset