Justice Hub | Terms of Service

  • The purpose of the Justice Hub is to enable the sharing of data across the legal and justice sector. We collaborate with our partners, including researchers, practitioners, and government agencies to curate and understand data relevant to the operations of the justice ecosystem.
  • Only approved organisations are able to share data through the platform.
  • JusticeHub will work with its partners to assess the quality of the datasets before the data can be shared on the platform. Any dataset that does not fit the data quality framework of the JusticeHub will not be uploaded on the JusticeHub
  • The data moderators at JusticeHub will work with the data contributors to identify gaps in the datasets and document the processes required before the data can be shared on the platform
  • JusticeHub does not allow data that includes personally identifiable information (PII) to be shared publicly through the site. All data shared publicly must be sufficiently aggregated or anonymized to prevent identification of people or other harm to affected people and the community.
  • JusticeHub endeavours not to allow publicly shared data that includes community identifiable information (CII) or demographically identifiable information (DII) that may put affected people at risk. However, this type data is more challenging to identify within datasets during our quality assurance process without deeper analysis. We invite users of the JusticeHub to notify us should they become aware of this type of data being shared through the site.
  • Organisations sharing data through the platform should ensure, to the extent possible, that all data was collected in a legal, ethical and responsible manner. This can be done by:
    • Obtaining informed consent from individuals or communities when possible.
    • When informed consent cannot be obtained, that data is gathered with appropriate safeguards, including a privacy impact assessment.
    • Making an effort to avoid duplication of data collection in order to avoid an unnecessary burden by affected individuals and communities.
  • Organisations have the option to share data publicly or privately through the platform. Private data will only be accessible to members of the organisation.
  • Data shared privately through the platform will never be shared by JusticeHub as platform administrator without consent. Private data will be held securely and regular checks will be run on the system to test for breaches.
  • Public datasets on the platform can be shared under a user-selected open data license[s] or as public domain.
  • Should a user become aware of data shared through the JusticeHub platform that could cause harm by being shared openly, the user should contact info@justicehub.in immediately to request that the data be removed.
  • Data shared through the JusticeHub platform will be held indefinitely or until such a time that the data contributor deletes it, or there is a request from a user for it to be deleted. In the latter case, the user would have to provide a convincing reason (e.g. privacy) and possibly also supporting evidence for the claim.
  • If a data source becomes aware of data that has been shared through the JusticeHub platform by a third party and disagrees with it being shared, the data source should contact info@justicehub.in to request that the data be removed.
  • If the Justice Hub team becomes aware of any data that is in violation of these Terms of Service, they will contact the individual or organization to notify them.

About these Terms

The JusticeHub team may modify these terms or any additional terms that apply to the JusticeHub platform to reflect changes to our services. Users should look at the terms regularly. We will post notice of modifications to these terms. If you do not agree to these terms, you should discontinue use of the JusticeHub platform.